As principais moedas

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The main currencies of the world

Moeda Cédula Ticker País Região
Euro EUR European Union Western Europe
US Dollar USD United States North America
Australian Dollar AUD Australia Australia and Oceania
Argentinian Peso ARS Argentina South America
Canadian Dollar CAD Canada North America
Danish Krone DKK Denmark Western Europe
New Zealand Dollar NZD New Zealand Australia and Oceania
Brazilian Real BRL Brazil South America
Chinese Yuan Renminbi CNY China North Asia
Mexican New Peso MXN Mexico North America
Indian Rupee INR India South Asia
Norwegian Krone NOK Norway Western Europe
Indonesian Rupiah IDR Indonesia North Asia
Japanese Yen JPY Japan North Asia
Swedish Krona SEK Sweden Western Europe
Swiss Franc CHF Switzerland Western Europe
Israeli New Sheqel ILS Israel North Africa and the Middle East
New Turkish Lira TRY Turkey Western Europe
Malaysian Ringgit MYR Malaysia North Asia
Pound Sterling GBP United Kingdom Western Europe
Russian ruble RUB Russia Former USSR
Philippine Peso PHP Philippines North Asia
Thai Baht THB Thailand North Asia